Campground Construction


We have brought in fill to raise the elevation of the land to make it possible to build the campsites on. The campground will consist of a Welcome Center comprising of a camp store for food, merchandise, and souvenirs. There will be a shower and restroom building. A boat launch to explore the waters of the Keweenaw Penninsula. A beach to cool off in. A people dock with four separate to bask in the sun. There will be a shoreline trail and boardwalk over Coles Creek wetlands with outlook posts to see nature. A playground for the kids to play on. A dog park for the dogs to let loose and have fun too. And private gazebos along the water's edge.

Construction of the campground will begin Spring of 2023. The campsites will be available in the Summer of 2024.

As you can see there are many items we will be making, and we could not be more excited to include you in this journey.